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>> french fighter jets push deeper into northern mali, bombing a northern rebel stronghold. >> the defense minister vowed the air strikes will continue until rebel groups no longer threaten mali or europe. coming up, president mubarak's supporters celebrate after a court orders a retrial for the former egyptian president. and then a year after the cruise ship ran aground. thousands take to the streets
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in parise rallying against gay marriage and adoption. and then teaching blind students ballet. >> hello. french planes have pusher deeper into northern mali. the vast area seized by rebels last year. jets bombed a training camp and airport in a rebel stronghold as more french troops pardon into the capital. brit ape and other european nations have pledged support and the u.s. has promised droughns. here is our report from the capital of mali. what is the latest you have found on the ground there? >> well, french forces have pushed deeper into the rebel territory.
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but also, an army base that belonged to the malian forces have been taken over by the rebel forces and has been razed to the ground. the french forces now want to weaken the military might of the rebels. here in bamako there has been a huge response to the call by the president for the people of mali to help their weak army. at a medical facility in one of the spushes, people have gather todd donate blood. they are responding to a request from the interim president and religious leaders to support the country's forces whichever way they can. >> we are ready to respond any
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request from our government. if it calls us to fight, we will respond. we are ready to die. >> they have donated money to the government. there is a sense of guarded optimism among people here that the operation might once again unite mali. >> i left the north after it was taken over. i am very happy with the french intervention. i would like the crisis to come to an end so we can go back home. >> i don't see any other solution than a military one. how can you negotiate with terrorists who have occupied our country? it is not possible. >> and the man who led the c everyone oup last year -- the coupe last year visited people. >> i am telling the people thank you for the support of
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your army. we have lost offensed without any stance. we are happy to have the french by our side. >> support for the operation is at its highest here. the french and malian flags hang side by side. and traders are doing a brisk business in selling french flags. the french have been bringing in more troops to mali. about 100 troops arrived on sunday. they say they will stop the advance and pave the way for other soldiers from the west african block. >> and more information about the deployment of troops. >> yes. the chief of defense -- some of them arrived this evening ahead of a crucial meeting on tuesday in which they are supposed to
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map out a plan for deployment. some of them we have been speaking to say this plan is going to be presented to the heads of state who are going to meet in the ivory coast on saturday next week. what they are hoping is that the outcome of the meeting -- the outcome of the meeting will depend on the outcome of a security council meeting taking place. the u.n. are supposed to pledge their support, most of it logistic, what we know is most of the states are cash strap, and they may not be able to fund themselves and bring their soldiers here. it seems as if france might be left holding the canned follow a while as the other states try to find out the best way of bringing their troops here.
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that would need a lot of logistics and support from the international community. >> thank you very much. or report live from mali. egypt's court of pelley has ordered a retrial for former president hisni mubarek and his security chief. they were convicted of failing to prevent the killing of hundreds of demonstrators. demonstrations began in january of 2011 and lasted in three weeks. they culminated on february 11. 846 protestors were killed and thousands more injured. mubarak was sentenced to life in prison in june of last year fors his role in those deaths. here is more. >> these are hisni mubarek supporters in the courtroom celebrating what they described as long-awaited justice. >> the verdasco is fair and by god's gunshot the verdict is fair, and by god's will he will
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be found innocent. >> there was nothing to prove he killed the protestors. it was just the fact that he did not protect the protestors, nothing more. but he tnt kill them. there is a different between killing and negligence. would an employee be fired for being careless? >> the sentence was thrown out on procedural grounds. they will be setting a date for a new trial. mubarak and the ministers will remain in jail as they are facing separate corruption charges in other trials. others were previously acquitteded prompting anger over why the police had been spared. they will now be retried. cairo, the birth place of the revolution, those we spoke to were skeptical of the outcome. mubarak and his aids will be
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spared somehow. we have no faith anymore after seeing others set free. >> the egyptian judiciary is functioning at the speed of a turtle. this is tantamount to injustice, and those who died have not been redeemed after two years. >> the judge handling and lawyers were complaining about the weak case put forward by the prosecution. but things could change in mubarak's new trial. a new fact finding committee commissioned by the president says there is fresh evidence against mubarak and his aids. and a new prosecution office formed to look into crimes has been given the report. much of what is to come will depend on the contents of the new report, details of which have yet to be made public. for almost two years, many have complained that justice has eluded post revolution egypt. the police force has not been
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reformed, and others have not been held to account. >> the mubarak trial has been a sore topic. there are concerns a new trial could once again stir emotion at a time when the country is trying to fix a sick economy. >> survivors have been marking the investors of the casta concordia disaster along with the relatives of the 32 people who died. it has been exactly one year since it crashed into rocks. charlie was there. >> this is part of the rock that ripped open the hull of the casta concordia. it is being replaced where it lay before the cruise liner crashed into it a year ago. some of the people who survived the disaster, and the family members of the 32 people who
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didn't laid wreaths. >> they showed the rescue of 4,000 people, some struggling to keep their balance in the dark when the ship became tilted. hundreds of survivors have returned to the island. he came from venezuela. he was in the ship's casino when it crashed. he survived by climbing into a lifeboat. >> i was playing roulette when i felt a loud crash. the table, games, equipment fell all over the place. pianos were all over the floor. people were thrown to the ground because of the hard crash we felt. >> a mass in the island's church is now packed with some of the people who knocked on the doors last year looking for shelter. it is not just on the island where people are remembering the disaster. they have organized services in
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peru, philippines and indonesia. kosta is flying their flags at half mast. people are united in their freef over an accident that never should have happened. i last motor kevin when divers were searching for his body of his brother, russell. he still has hope. >> we have to wait until the ship has been refroted and taken away. maybe then we might find some answers. we may find them under the ship. that is where i think he is. hopefully waiting for a few months, six months, seven months, i don't know how long, but we will wait. >> 10 people are being investigated over the tragedy, including the ship's captain. indictments will be handed out by the end of february, but a trial is still months away. meanwhile, the operation to refloat the ship is under way. it is huge.
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it's sal advantage the most complex the world has ever seen. 400 divers and experts are working around the clock, but all will put down their tools for a moment of silence at 2045 . >> hundreds of thousands of people have been marching through the french captain. they want to block a new law that would legalize marriage and adoption by same sex couples. here is our report from parise. >> they may be dancing in the streets, but these people have serious objections to the way france is headed. they came to parise from all over the country to say that despite what the government is planning, marriage should be a man and a woman. >> i really believe that a family is a father and a mother. it has always been like that. it doesn't have anything to do with any particular religion. when you mary, you make a
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commitment to society to love and protect each other. there is a link between marriage and procreation. two men or two women can love each other, but they will never make children. >> it is the prospect of adoption that has motivated people to protest. it has brought people together from many places. there was a carefully managed presentation of mainstream unity. >> the organizers of the rally have made sure there are officially sanctioned signs here. despite the marchers claiming this is an issue of family and not sexuality. fay rights leaders watched the rally -- gay rights leaders watched with dismay. >> i understand not everyone is
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homophobic, but because they are on the streets, what they say and how they to it, they are advocating for homophobia. >> he has a secure parliamentary majority and the legalization probably will pass by june. support is slipping, but the polls suggest most french are with him on that. those rallying on saturday insist they will fight all the way. they kneel it means weakening the foundations of the country. >> there has been a gay marriage protest of a different kind at the vat can, where topless female protestors disrupted an address by the pope. there were men protesting against the vatican's. they revealed in gay we trust on their back. still ahead this half hour, why
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more protest camps are planned. smog in beijing goes off the chart. but how much longer will it hang around?
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>> again, a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. the french military has bombed the rebel strong holes in mali. egypt's court of pelley has ordered a retrial for hisni mubarek and his security chief. they were convicted of failing to prevent the killing of hundreds of demonstrators
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during the uprising which taupeled his government. and survivors have gathered for the anniversary of the kosta concordia disaster. >> fighting continues around army bases and air fields in the syrian city. this video shows air strikes in a suburb. government forces have reportedly targeted another suburb. palestinian activists are threatening to pitch more protest camps in areas designated for israeli settlements. this is after they were evicted from a site known at e-1. palestinians want to establish a home land.
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they say an israeli settlement in e-1 would be a huge blow because it would cut off east jerusalem from the west bank. here is our report. >> palestinian and other activists pulled off just two days of protests against plans for more illegal settlements in the occupied west bank. but the secretly organized encampment which was removed by police on sunday was a new tactic for the protestors. they say it was an organized tactic. it was organized by local civilian groups known as popular committees. >> another aim is to go beyond the weekly protests every friday or saturday, and we want
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it to escalate and to surprise the israeli occupation. this is a very important element in our action. >> that action of quickly occupying land is like israeli outposts where slightly more sturdy camps are pitched. >> the organizers of friday and saturday's protests say they consider it a great success. but for s.u.v. an initiative to be successful in the long run, they will need a lot more people to show up. to do that, they are going to have to persuade palestinians that grassroots movements such as theirs will make a difference. >> not everyone is convinced? >> we need the force. popular resistance is useless. >> others believe anything that stops killing is good. >> by popular resistance we
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limit our losses. at the same time we let the world know of our polite. >> the popular committees don't reject violence in what they call their resistance to israel, but they do see the new tactic as crucial, and one that is missing among the infighting of palestinian politics. it must have struck a nerve. israel's supreme court was willing to allow it to go on, but the prime minister put a stot to it. >> an skwlotion has killed seven afghan villages -- an explosion has killed seven afghan villagers. they tried to put -- pull the bodies. a roadside bombing has killed as many as 17 soldiers and injured 2 it more.
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a pakistani cleric who spent years living abroad in canada is stations what he calls a long march to islamabad. he is calling for sweeping reforms to end scruppings and social in-- corruption and social injustice. protests over 96 shiah muslims is spreading across the country. people have taken to the streets in several cities. families of the victims have vowed motte to bury their bodies until the government promises to protect them from the sectarian attacks. >> police have arrested six men for abducting and raping a 26-year-old woman. this came weeks after an attack in delhi that outrageded those.
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the victim boarded a local bus. the bus driver took her to an unknown location. the victim recalled what happened. >> the bus driver refused to drop me off at my village and took me ahead. they allowed all the passengers to get off but me. they raped me. >> demonstrators are demonstrating changes for adoption laws. critics say president putin's government is using orphans as pawns in a political zpuse. georgia has released inmates deemed to be political prisoners. the move was opposed by the president.
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the amnesty covers prisoners convicted of trying to overthrow the government and spying for russian. it could reduce jail time for thousands of inmates. serbia has adopted defied lines -- guidelines for calks kenny smith companies video. serbia has previously maintained it will never recognize kosovo's 2008 decoration of independence. thousands of tone to the streets of madrid against plans to privatize the country's health care system. they are protesting selling six out of 20 private hospitals. beijing's weather department says smog will continue to shroud the sestito for the next three days. pollution levels surged further off the chart. cheer is our report. >> a choking almost invisible
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city. the chinese capital is cloaked in smog. by beijing standards, these streets are practical empty. many of the 20 million residents are heed ago government alert to stay indoors. air pollution has been at dangerous levels since friday. cold weather and light wins are preventing pollutants from sfursing. the index runs from steer to 500. air quality is considered good when the index is below 50, and it is hazardous when readings heed between 300 and 500. but weekend levels have gone off the charts with beijing now recording readings above 700. the severe conditions are being blamed on a variety of usual suspects, more traffic, factories and cole burning for -- cole burning for the winter. >> according to beijing city
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government's time line, we need more than 20 years to get better air quality. that means a whole generation will pay for our quality. people not only like trying to protect themselves, they also petition for a quicker time table for blue skis. >> nearby provinces are shrouded. it has forced the closures of several highways and airport. many people have taken to voicing their concerns online, describing the air as post apocalyptic and beyond belief. >> lightning strikes have igniteded more than 100 new fires in new south wales. police have ordered residents to leave in the north and west. with temperatures soaring past 40 degrees celcius, it is
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making it difficult for firefighters. a dust storm is sweepting through south australia. finally, it is considered one of the most controlled and precise of dance styles. it requires -- it depends on visual learning. but blind students have donned too toose. >> she dances by feel rather than sight. she is visually impaired. nearly 80% of her vision is gone. she is one of 80 states -- stunes students. >> people say how can you be a dancer if you are blind? i said it is all about my will power. >> dancers learn by watching, something that hasn't stopped
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these students, challenges to their teacher. >> i teach them all three touch. they touch my body as i perform the move, and they repeat it to learn. after they learn it, they are very determined. then all i have to do is call out the moves, and they can repeat it. >> the classes are free to students. they are open to hearing impaired and children with mental disabilities. the benefit of the ballet extends far beyond the room. >> we gain good posture, and we lose the fear of walking or running. >> back stage before a recent performance in front of a can't paed house, and she is understandably nervous. >> i hope it all goes well. it is going to be emotional for all of us. >> the performance lasts well over an hour, and it is
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flawless. the hard work has paid off. these dancers have given their audience something beautiful to see even if they can only feel it themselve
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